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Transpire Cosmetic Surgery provides a wide range a surgical and non surgical treatments across the UK. Our head office is based in the heart of England, Birmingham, with various clinics in Bristol, Mold, Manchester, Harley Street and Huntingdon.Further clinics will be opening soon in Manchester.

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Cosmetic Surgery advice or find out which Nagor Silicone Gel-Filled Breast Implants for are the best Cosmetic Surgery and why.


Non-surgical cosmetic beauty treatments of the male and female body. From Weak Chins Lip Enhancement
Deep Wrinkles and Smile Lines
Scar Improvement and Aged Hands
Lip Lines or Dimples

Cosmetic Surgery Clincs across the UK Birmingham, London,Manchester For any breast enlargement or enhancement and non-surgical cosmetic

Cosmetic Surgery Clinc free consultation
Please make your booking to discuss Surgery 0844 870 8058

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Transpire Cosmetic Surgery is the leading Independent healthcare provider specialising in affordable cosmetic surgery and non-cosmetic treatments for men and women. Our experienced Consultant Surgeons and staff have a pre-requisite to help and improve your self confidence, and to make you feel good about yourself. You will be provided with specialist advice and information and we will guide you through your choice of treatments.

With an emphasis on total one to one patient care since launching in 2009, Transpire Cosmetic Surgery strictly adheres to all medical guidelines, policies and procedures. Every possible step is taken to ensure that you are always informed and that you have total peace of mind.


We offer FREE consultations, and the best care.. before, during and after your chosen procedure. Make the right choice for your cosmetic surgery needs…

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PIP Implant Advice January 2012


Transpire Cosmetic Surgery
Consulting Suite 101
20-22 Harborne Road
Birmingham B15 3AA

Tel: 0844 870 8058

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