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Transpire Cosmetic Surgery
Consulting Suite 101
20-22 Harborne Road
Birmingham B15 3AA

Tel: 0844 870 8058

Press Release 07 June 2011
Transpire Cosmetic Surgery Statement

Transpire Surgery is a leading provider of Cosmetic Surgery, with an outstanding track record in patient safety and results.

The decision to host a Plastic Surgery event was a decision prompted by the hundreds of thousands of women who desire a life changing transformation to improve their image and appearance but do not have sufficient funds to do so. Therefore in light of the this situation we decided to offer this opportunity to men and women who want to access surgery with a more affordable way.

A percentage of the proceeds from ticket sales will be going to a charitable cause.

No actual procedure, treatment, or consultation will be carried out on the evening of the prize draw itself, winners of the main prize are carefully assessed and screened by a consultant plastic surgeon registered with the GMC and experienced and qualified at carrying out cosmetic surgery in a registered  quality care commission approved premises. A consultation is carried out with all prize winners during normal day time business hours if they wish to contact us after receiving their prize at their own discretion.

We are not trivializing Cosmetic Surgery and by marketing the event as we have chosen to do so, we have always taken cosmetic surgery incredibly seriously, our priority is patient safety.

A sponsor has kindly stepped in to support our cause; this does not detriment our patient safety issues in any way at all, sponsorship is a commercial matter, not a patient safety matter.

Sarah Burge is hosting the event and is a former patient of Transpire, as are many other celebrities and notable television personalities, we question whether this event would have been scrutinized in such a way had our choice of celebrity and location been different?

BAAPS have no reason to be concerned with our social event, and we believe that the decision to host the event is a well thought out one led by a professional company. There are no direct safety or ethical issues that can be questioned and there will be no consequences or impact on patient safety.

Transpire Cosmetic Surgery have been delighted with the response for this event and believe that BAAPS  should not have any concerns


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Transpire Cosmetic Surgery provides a wide range a surgical and non surgical treatments across the UK. Our head office is based in the heart of England, Birmingham, with various clinics in Bristol, Mold, Manchester, Harley Street and Huntingdon.Further clinics will be opening soon in Manchester.

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