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Before, during and after your surgery we are right here for you

Aftercare and Advice

We have the highest standards of aftercare. Call us to arrange your first consultation 0121 517 0124

Cosmetic Surgery Aftercare

Our Consultant Surgeon and qualified staff help you to understand all the right steps before and after surgery and this is regularly checked by the team to make sure everything is going to plan.

We provide our contact numbers to all patients should you need to contact someone in our nursing teams who will always welcome your call at any time. These phone numbers are given to you at your pre-op screening.

Transpire, always recommends that you get the best possible advice before going ahead with cosmetic surgery. We have fully qualified professionals in every department who are there help you. So it’s advisable to proceed with treatment only after you have had a full in depth consultation with our Consultant Surgeon.

Make sure you are going to be happy with arrangements for pre-operative, during treatment and post-operative care.

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Words from Beryl Atkins

Beryl Atkins (owner of Transpire) has many years of experience in the cosmetic surgery industry and she prides herself on providing outstanding service as well as the best possible outcome and patient care.

From Beryl Atkins – owner of Transpire…

I set up Transpire Cosmetic Surgery in 2009 after receiving extremely bad surgery myself from a plastic surgeon which had to be corrected. The pre-care and after-care I received was extremely poor and as a result of my experiences I chose to make a positive difference to people’s lives regarding their care.

I can assure you that your experience with Transpire will be personal, one to one, attentive and pleasurable and we will make you feel at ease. Every step is taken to provide you with the service you deserve. Industry compliance is followed, patient safety and satisfaction always paramount, plus there is a prerequisite of unmatched excellence before during and after surgery for every single patient.

Transpire – Award Winner for Aftercare

Take your interest in having cosmetic surgery, plastic re-constructive surgery or non-surgical treatments one step further. Arrange a free consultation with us. A full consultation is always required beforehand and no surgery or treatment can be carried out unless both Transpire and yourself are completely satisfied.

We have a dedicated team of qualified and experienced surgeons and nurses. Transpire offers a diverse range of surgical procedures and non-surgical treatments. Personal attentive patient care is always provided alongside the surgeon and consultant to bring you total peace of mind.

For the first year following your surgery you are covered post-operatively should there be any medical queries. Should you wish to have any further check ups beyond the first year, you are welcome to contact us to arrange a visit to one of our clinics.

There are no limits whatsoever on check ups for post-operative patients. Whether you require breast implants, rhinoplasty, a face lift, plastic re-constructive surgery, liposuction we are here. No matter what your needs are, all of our patients are given detailed terms and conditions prior to surgery taking place, and we always keep you fully informed.

Transpire Cosmetic Surgery is proud of the services it provides across the UK. Our head office is based in the heart of Birmingham in England, UK. Contact us we are here to help you. *After care includes check-ups, advice and support.

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Transpire – Quality Patient Aftercare

Transpire Cosmetic Surgery provides consultations as well as a full examination. We will decide on the best way forward to ensure you get the best possible reshaping results.

You will learn more after you book your initial consultation with us where our experienced surgeons and qualified nurses will discuss everything in detail with you. Take the first step by booking your consultation today.

Experience the transformation

Treatments & ServicesTranspire Cosmetic Surgery

Here are just some of the services and treatments we provide from our clinics in the UK

Breast Augmentation

Having a surgical breast enlargement to increase breast size is a big decision. Also known as augmentation mammoplasty it involves the use of breast implants.


Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)

Surgery to remove excess loose skin from the body. Fat is also removed from the tummy and the abdominal muscles can be tightened.


Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are substances injected into your lips, face or both. They fill wrinkles and lines and also add volume to the cheeks and lips.


Chin Implant & Cheek Implant

Facial implants are used to enhance facial features as well as reconstruction of the face. This includes the chin, the jawline and the cheeks.


Eyebrow Lift

Incisions are made above the brow to tighten and lift the skin to improve signs of ageing. A brow lift Is a cosmetic procedure to raise the brows.



Do you sweat excessively and it’s not related to exercise, heat or your immediate environment? There is a solution for hyperhidrosis.


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    Client testimonials

    Mostly the best recommendations are through word of mouth. Here are some of our client testimonials.

    From consulting to aftercare 100%. No pushing to sell no ignoring you when you are out of the door. Nothing is too big or small for these guys…
    T. Waugh (UK)

    Beryl went above and beyond to fit me in during my pre-determined annual leave. All the team at Harley Street were pleasant. I can’t fault anything.
    C. Beetles (UK)

    Highly recommend, removed and replaced my PIPS. Surgery and recovery was a breeze compared to first ones and I love my new implants!!
    H. Occleshaw (UK)

    Head Office Address

    49 Calthorpe Road
    B15 1TH

    0121 517 0124

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