Labiaplasty and Labia Reshaping

Labiaplasty is a personal delicate procedure and is suitable for women aged up to post- menopausal age who may have been genetically affected with excess inner or outer lips; and also for women who experience a slackness and thickness in the labia area.

Labiaplasty and Labia Reshaping



Labiaplasty and Labia Reshaping

If you’re experiencing loose or stretched labia, labiaplasty surgery may be able to give you the appearance that you seek. Surgery can reshape and resize. The result is tighter reshaped labia.

Labia Reshaping Solution

Many women have been looking for a solution to this embarrassing problem for many years. So with more and more publicity in recent years lots of women have since requested labia reshaping and have been very happy with their results.

Many experience improved self-confidence and go on to enjoy an improvement in their intimacy and relationship.

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Labiaplasty Surgery

Reducing the size or shape of the labia, and improving the overall cosmetic appearance of the labia is the aim of labiaplasty. You will also see an increase in self esteem & self-confidence.

There are factors which determine the surgeon’s choice of technique for your procedure. All of your questions will be answered by our surgeon and registered nurses during your Transpire consultation. To speak with us you can contact us on our contact page, by telephone and on social media.

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More Confidence & Increased Self Esteem

This surgery is popular and it is designed to correct vaginal lips that have over time, become loose or stretched. Having children is one cause. Perhaps you’re embarrassed or you might be experiencing pain and discomfort to your labia. and if that’s the case then having labiaplasty can help you to have a better quality of life.

You might be feeling self conscious and sex might be painful for you at the moment? Maybe you’re finding it hard to enjoy a healthy sex life these days and it’s having a negative impact on your relationship. If so then labia reshaping is an option you should consider.

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Reasons to have labiaplasty

  1. Clothing will feel more comfortable
  2. Less pain and reduced irritation
  3. Take part in more activities
  4. Improved sex life
  5. More self confidence

Our experienced Transpire Consultant Surgeons will discuss every suitable option with you during your one to one private consultations.

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Why Should You Consider Having Your Labia Reshaped?

Your labia aren’t looking the way you would like them to be, and it’s a very important issue for you.

Labia come in all different shapes, sizes, lengths, and colours..

  1. Have your labia resized and reshaped
  2. Increased self-confidence and better quality of life

Will labia surgery leave any scars? What about recovery period?

You may have some scarring, which may make the skin less stretchy than it was before.

You will experience discomfort in the vulva area post surgery so it is advisable to take some time off from work and activities for a period of time set out with your cosmetic surgeon. Having soothing baths and wearing loose clothes will help in the early stages of recovery. Applying ice for a certain amount of time can help. Your surgeon and your after care team will provide professional recommendations before and after surgery. It can take up to six weeks to reach full recovery.


Your treatment plan before and after surgery will be tailor made to specific requirements. Everything and all decisions we make will depend on the surgeon’s directions, your physicality and your personal goals. Recommendations will be based on experience and professionalism. We will help you and we will advise the best possible ways forward – we have years of experience so there’s no need to worry. We provide personal one to one guidance before during and after surgery.


The results of your labiaplasty procedure will be seen. Our surgeons will provide you with specific recovery instructions detailing how to take strict care of the area while you are healing.

As you recover, you will also have follow up checks and consultations where necessary to make sure everything is going well. As with all types of surgery there will be a recovery period. You will enjoy the many benefits associated with this surgery as well as improved self confidence.

Our experienced Transpire Consultant Surgeons will discuss every suitable option with you during your consultations with us.

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