Wrinkles and Line Reduction

Some like to 'age gracefully'. So there are different opinions, but it doesn't stop millions of people worldwide from having wrinkles and line reduction. The trend grows every year.

Wrinkles and Line Reduction



Wrinkles and Line Reduction

For many, looking older is something to be avoided so a non-surgical treatment is chosen to stop certain muscles from contracting. Non-surgical treatments such as wrinkle and line reduction are only available from our Birmingham clinic at this time.

Wrinkles and Line Reduction

There are those who rely on wrinkles and line reduction and there are those who don’t. Some like to ‘age gracefully’. So there are different opinions, but it doesn’t stop millions of people worldwide from having regular treatments and the trend grows every year. Do people lose volume and does having this procedure make you age quicker? There are many dermatologists who believe that when this treatment is applied consistently with no breaks, your face can always look younger.

As the years go by, we laugh we smile, we squint, we frown, we smoke and we worry. The skin around the eyes and on the forehead changes and often results in deep wrinkles and deep lines. For many, looking older is something to be avoided so a non-surgical treatment is chosen to stop certain muscles from contracting. This in turn reduces expression lines. At Transpire injectable facial enhancement treatments is just one method we use when helping people from all walks of life, manage with ageing..

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How Does Wrinkle and Line Reduction Work?

The contractions and movements of the facial muscles are controlled by signals from the brain. The solution which is injected simply prevents the muscle from allowing responses to these messages. As a result, the muscle relaxes and the overlying skin remains unwrinkled and smoother.

What is the Treatment Like?

A solution is injected with a very fine needle into the muscle which is causing the lines and wrinkles to appear on the face. This treatment is proven to be effective and safe. The sensation felt is no more than a pin prick. Anesthetic is not required. There is no downtime or recovery after treatment has been applied so you can go about your day to day activities as normal.

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Are There any Side Effects?

Injection risks include temporary effects such as droopy eyelids and fat bulges near the injected area. Any side effects are usually mild and they won’t last for long. The proteins found in botulinum toxins may cause more antibodies in the body so temporary bruising can occur for a couple of days. Major side effects are very rare, and a patient should not experience any serious side effects when this treatment is applied by an experienced, registered professional.

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Line and Wrinkle Reduction to Help With Aging

Using injectables is a modern innovative way to treat aging so as to achieve a more youthful look. Here is a list of the various injectables we use during treatments:

A Well Known Neurotoxin Injectable

Used to treat

  • fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes
  • frown lines that show between eyebrows.

Neurons in the muscle are blocked so the muscle can’t contract. This in turn reduces the appearance of wrinkles. This temporary treatment is one way to reduce wrinkles without going ahead with surgery. Ask us for more details.

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Restylane is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler used to treat:

  • nasolabial folds
  • volume loss around the cheeks
  • lip lines
  • marionette lines.

Restylane can be used to give more fullness and volume to the lips.


Radiesse plumps up the skin using calcium hydroxylapatite.

The filler provides quick visible improvements and works to stimulate production of collagen. The body can break down Radiesse, so it’s important to remember that your own natural collagen remains and should be relied upon to maintain skin volume.


Belotero Balance is a hyaluronic dermal filler used to treat fine lines and moderate wrinkles on the face. Belotero can be used to treat more delicate areas, for example smile lines and vertical lip lines.


Xeomin is quite similar to the other injectable at the top of this list. Xeomin targets nerve activity in the muscles and prevents them from producing any wrinkles. The main difference is that Xeomin undergoes an additional process of purification which removes surface proteins. Xeomin are safe and effective to administer.


Kybella is used for submental fullness (double chin). More than one injection is required and Kybella uses deoxycholic acid to break down unwanted fat around the chin area. Once Kybella has eliminated the fat cells from the body the fat cells do not come back. What can be seen is a long lasting reduction in submental fullness.

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Aftercare after having treatment to reduce lines and wrinkles

Your treatment plan before and after treatment be explained to you and will be tailor made to your specific requirements. Recommendations will be based on our experience and professionalism. We will help you and we will advise the best possible ways forward – we have years of experience so there’s no need to worry. We provide personal one to one guidance before during and after treatment.


You will see great results from your treatment. Our nurses and surgeons will provide you with specific recovery instructions detailing how to take strict care of the treated areas while you are healing.

As you recover, you may be required to have follow up checks where necessary to make sure everything is going well. You will enjoy the many benefits associated with this non-surgical treatment as well as improved self confidence. Non-surgical treatments such as wrinkle and line reduction are only available from our Birmingham clinic at this time. Book your consultation.

Our experienced nurses and surgeons at Transpire consultant highly qualified and we will discuss every suitable option with you during your consultations with us.

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