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Our chosen supplier is  Ideal4 Finance who offer a range of flexible finance and payment options, designed to make your journey to a better you accessible and stress-free. 

We understand that investing in yourself is a significant decision, and we want to ensure that it's a decision you can make with confidence. Our financing options are tailored to suit your unique needs, providing you with the flexibility to pursue your goals on your terms.

iDeal 4 Finance 

Preferred Supplier 

Established in 2008, Ideal4Finance had a vision to create a cost-effective solution for small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) looking to integrate finance into their operations. When it came to offering finance to their customers, most SMEs could not compete fairly with their larger, corporate rivals and we made it our mission to level this playing field.

Why Choose Us 

Simple Process - Apply online or over the phone in a matter of minutes

Competitive Rates- Tailored to suit your personal circumstances and credit rating

Rapid Response Time- Personalised offer with a quick turnaround

Flexible Terms- Secured & unsecured options from a wide range of lenders

Get in Touch! 

Apply direct by clicking on the following link: 

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